Go PoP! Mini Keychain: Teal
Instructions for Go PoP! Mini Keychain
Go PoP! Mini Keychain: Purple
Go PoP! Mini Keychain: Blue

Go PoP! Mini Keychain

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Play anytime, anywhere with Go PoP! Mini. this keychain miniature Go PoP! has no
pieces to lose making it great for playing in a car, bus, or plane, in a restaurant, or at
school. Enjoy it as a simple fidget toy or as a clever logic game for two players. 

To play Go PoP! as a game:

  • The object of the game is to be the player who, by thinking ahead, forces their opponent to press down the last bubble on the board.
  • On a player’s turn, they select a row and press down any number of bubbles. The opponent then presses down any unpressed bubbles in the desired row of their choice.
  • The player that is left to press the last bubble on the board loses the round.
  • Once a match is over, simply flip over the board to start another round.
  • No setup time and no pieces to arrange or lose.
  • This logic game is washable, you can use warm or hot water with soap and rinse it well.
  • The game board is full of possibilities, so get your creative juices flowing and invent your own game rules.

Colors: Teal, Purple, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green


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